A downloadable game for macOS

Fight the evil forces of king Candy Apple and prevent the spread of Diabeetus!

Explore a world full of Candy creatures. Capture, raise and battle them to discover all the world has to offer.

* Note - This is an iOS app, though I don't really see options for it.

It'll hopefully be available on the app store soon.


Published Feb 04, 2014
GenreRole Playing
Tagscatch, collect, digimon, evolve, gem, mon, pet, pokemon, rancher

Install instructions

Double Click the .ipa file. Then use itunes to add the game to your phone or ipod.

I'm not sure if this is going to work for everyone, if not the app has been submitted to apple. Lets see if it makes it through approval.


Candy Chaos.ipa 47 MB

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